What is SEO? Clearly Defined Services, Powerful Results

It’s simple: SEO is what makes your website known. SEO is a reputation. SEO is knowledge. SEO is beauty. SEO is skills. SEO is anything that says “I’m valuable, and you want to know me, because I can make your life better.”

Our SEO Services are defined by two things: Our process and our content. Our process allows you to visualize how we will dissect your website and put it back together in an upgraded version of itself. Our content will breath life into it and give it the reputation it’s always deserved. These two features of Breakthrough PC allow us to achieve our goal of providing premium web development services.

Our SEO Philosophy: Process and Content

Creating a Plan

SEO is all about figuring out what you want to achieve through your website and then creating a straight forward plan that allows you to get there. Building a website without an SEO plan is like building a home without a blueprint. Sure, you’ll do a lot of things right, but you’ll most likely do a lot of things wrong. An SEO plan ensures you skip that last step; it’s the fuel behind creating a beautiful, clean, successful website. It tells you how to structure your site, what type of content to create, and what design will produce the best results. In turn, you’ll get more clicks, more page views, longer session times, and higher conversion-rate.

High-Quality Content

Nothing screams ‘high-quality’ more than good content. Most online professionals will drop the phrase “content is key” when talking about web development. The problem is most people don’t even realize what “good content” is. Putting it simply, it’s anything you can see on a given page. The images, graphs, videos, music, blogs, forums; pretty much anything. The important thing is that your content has purpose. That it’s relatable to your customers needs, and gives them what they came looking for. It should be unique, one-of-a-kind, and be displayed creatively. This is the only way we know how to create content, and we’ve been doing it for a long time.

Our 5 step SEO Plan

1. Audit

Figure out your website goals, review your site, and design a customized plan on how to get website visitors to engage and convert according to business goals.

2. Research

Discover what keywords you need to focus on, what your competition is doing, and what your past website traffic has done in order to make the right change.

3. Restructure

Rebuild your internal-linking structure, your outbound link patterns, how your content in presented on your pages, and adjust URLs to realign with keywords.

4. Content

Rewrite the content on your informational pages, create a blog template setting up your content writers for SEO success, and review your social media activity.

5. Automation

Automate your website for mobile and tablet devices, add robot text to guide search engine robots, set up analytics directly admin page, and boost site speed.