Micro Conversion Mindset: A Three-Step-Approach

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Whenever you create or purchase something new, there’s always the question “how will this benefit me in the long run?”  Will that new pair of shoes make you faster or jump higher, or maybe make that back pain go away?  Will that dietary supplement help you lose ten pounds while you still sit on the couch and watch Deal or No Deal every night?  Will that new micro conversion lead to an actionable goal?

One of the key components to administering an effective SEO plan is playing the long-game.  This means foreseeing the smaller actions that will yield large results.  The more aware you are of each micro conversion and how it will affect your business, the better you’ll become and creating new ones that are effective and impactful.

Below I’ve listed my three-step approach to evaluating your business’s or website’s micro conversion process.  

Step 1:  Identify Macro Goals

The first step is to develop your macro goals and figure out what you’re really aiming for.  Even before this, you need to figure out what kind of website your operating.  Bauhinia Solutions has a list of different kinds of business websites, some being:

  1. Informational
  2. Brochure/Catalogue
  3. E-Commerce
  4. Blogs
  5. Social Media and Networking

micro conversion guide gymOnce you figure out what type of website you’re operating, it’s time to make a list of your macro goals.  Let’s say it’s an informational website, your macro goal will be to have users stay on your site as long as possible, visit a bunch of different pages, and possibly sign up for your newsletter.  If you’re running an e-commerce website, your macro goal is most likely to make a sale.  If you have a social media page, your goal is to gain followers and likes and have interaction on your wall.

It’s important to define your macro goals before addressing what micro conversions you’ll be focusing on.  This is what gives you direction.  Neglecting to do this is like working out with no goal; do you want to build muscle? build endurance?  burn fat?  lower your blood pressure?  Or are you one of those people who use the same three machines at the gym every time?

Step 2:  Identify Each Micro Conversion

Once you’ve defined your macro goal(s), the next step is identifying the appropriate micro conversions.  According to Search engine watch, here are the top 5 micro conversions for online businesses:

  1. Downloading Files – a dowloaded file could be office paperwork filled out in advance or demos.  These customers are almost guaranteed macro conversions if pursued.
  2. Joining Mailing Lists – These people are pretty much asking for you to sell to them!  Do it!!
  3. Visitors Creating Forum Accounts – These customers can offer help in being potential advocates for your brand.
  4. Add to Cart/Wish Lists – This is great indication of interest in a possible future purchase from your
  5. Human Resources Visits – People looking for jobs are great potential sales leads.

For an E-Commerce website, some valuable micro conversions could be Adding Items to Cart/Wish List, Creating an Account, or Joining Mailing List.  For an Informational website, Downloading a guide or file and Creating Forum Accounts shows interest in content.

A good trick is to make a list of every call to action your website has and the outcome it produces.  Write your macro goal(s) at the top of the list and ask yourself “does these things align?”.  If they don’t, find a way to tweak the CTA so it does.

Step 3:  Monetize Each Micro Conversion

Once you’ve decided which Micro conversions work best for you, it’s time to formulate a plan to maintain consistency.  One way is to measure your micro and macro conversions with analytics by applying economic value to them .

Micro Conversion Guide Money

Let’s say you have 25 people sign up for your newsletter.  Out of those 25 people, 15 purchases are made on
your E-Commerce website, totaling a value of 500 USD.  To calculate the economic value of your newsletter, you would divide the total conversion value (500) by the number of newsletter signups (25).  Therefore, the total economic value of each newsletter signup is 20 USD.

By applying monetary value to your micro conversions, you can accurately calculate a return on investment for each micro conversion and weigh which ones are most valuable to you.

Don’t Let Off

After you’ve finished, don’t relax.  Analytics is an ongoing process that must be done constantly; sometimes on a daily basis.  Some micro conversions may work better than others some months, some may slowly decrease in effectiveness while others get better and better.  There will always be something new to create more business, the only way to find that is to be searching for it.

Share in the comments section below your type of business/website and your macro goal. Have you laid out your micro goal roadmap yet? 

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