Our Paid Ad Program is designed to flex around your company’s and brand’s style. Generally, we’ll start with a CPC/CPM analysis to determine which road is best for you. This analysis includes questions such as:

  • How does your firm sell what do you sell?  Are you even selling something or are you driving customers to interactive with content on your website?
  • Do you have an e-commerce website where customers put specific items in a cart?  Or do you have a lengthy sales process that requires multiple points of contact over a longer time period?
  • Do you have a sales force that creates leads?  How are those leads tracked once delivered?


The second leg of our Marketing Program is our interactive Social Media Marketing program. Our SMM program is based on Focus, Quality, Patience, and Value:

  • Focus:  Finding a specific direction that represents your business is the key.  We will help design a specialized SMM program that gives your company the inward vision you’ve been striving for.
  • Quality:  Nothing is more important in SMM than creating high-quality, interactive content.  You can’t just copy and paste someone else work and deem it your own.  You need to create piece that embody you.  
  • Patience:  Results won’t happen instantly.  It’s like when you start working out in January and hope to have a six-pack by February; it’s just not gonna happen.  Give it time and it will happen.
  • Value:  One of the biggest things in SMM is creating perceived value.  Just posting and hoping isn’t going to do much.  The real value is created when you interact with customers and become a part of the conversation.



Our third and final leg is our Retargeting Program focusing on client relations and outreach.  After some research, will will create a personalized retargeting program based on Pixels and Lists. 

Pixel-Based Retargeting:  In this method, a pixel is placed on the visitors browser. The pixel inserts a tracking cookie that allows us to see when the site was visited and what path the visitor took through your site.  This type of retargeting allows for immediate contact with the user. It also allows us to deliver specific ads based on what actions were performed on the users last visit.

List-Based Retargeting: This method is intended to target previous visitors who have provided contact information.  A  list of email addresses is uploaded to a retargeting campaign on social media. The platform will then identify each user and what they are seeking from your website or business.  Once identified, personalized ads will be sent to specific users targeting their needs.  This type of retargeting is highly-customizable since it is based off of user-behavior and actions.